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About us

For the past 40 years, bringing travelers to Egypt has been our specialty. From ancient history and archeological sites along the Nile to deep blue waters and sandy beaches, we’ve been guiding groups and individuals from all over the Western world to discover one-of-a-kind, locally selected Eastern wonders.
Recognized for our luxurious accommodations, knowledgeable tour guides, diverse excursions, and meticulously designed tours, we have accompanied millions of travelers during their journeys to Egypt. We collaborate with travel operators from all over the world to provide memorable, safe, and well-planned adventures across Egypt.


Our Destinations

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All Our Tours Include

Multi-lingual local experts & guides

Our diverse team consists of guides who speak all European languages

Special entry and access to all the tourist sites

Free and organized access to all historic local sites across Egypt

5-star accommodation and luxury cruise ships

We offer luxury accommodations, whether on land or water

Airport meet & greets and transfers

All guests are escorted to and from airports with priority access

we're ready to host your guests

Whether you are a tour operator or an ambitious travel guide, we invite you to explore our off-the-shelf curated tours.